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School plays a very important role in moulding the personality of a child, as the child spends a major portion of its time in the school. It is here that the student gets exposure to various life skills which will prepare him for the future. So, undoubtedly, a school is a child’s second home. DPS Anand is a matrix that synergies seamlessly helping the students ascend through the phases effortlessly, by honing their skills in a gentle way. DPS Anand is located in a sprawling lush green compound with a pollution free pleasant environment encouraging the young minds to learn with an open mind. The pristine environment gives wings to their dreams and nurtures their skills. The large and airy classrooms provide comfortable seating which results in an effective teaching learning process. The school building is divided into three different wings.



The Pre-Primary wing houses Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Preparatory classes. The thoughtfully designed classrooms provide a warm environment for the child that is so essential for him/her during his growing years.


Primary level brings the world of written and printed words to the children. Here they enter into the cognitive world and develop a sense of knowledge and understanding of the essentials of the academics. The Primary Block has Classses I to Class V. Hands-on learning through thematic curriculum enhances their STEM skills.



The Pre-Primary wing houses Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Preparatory classes. The thoughtfully designed classrooms provide a warm environment for the child that is so essential for him/her during his growing years.

For the synergetic growth and enhancement of the students of DPS, Anand the infrastructure also includes:


The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. Dr. Suess

The library is the nerve centre of an educational complex. The school has a well-equipped and fully furnished library. The students are encouraged to spend their spare time in the library in addition to the specific periods provided for this purpose in the time-table. The Library has a wide range of books, journals and magazines available to the students & teachers.



DPS Anand has well equipped and fully functioning laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology which help re-enforce the concepts through learning by doing. The well ventilated and spacious labs cater to the needs of the students from class VI onwards creating an atmosphere of fun-filled learning. Practical learning is also ensured by visiting the local resources making the learning more enjoyable and meaningful. Through activities like vermin-composting, children not only learn scientific concepts but also learn to care for mother earth. Besides, the safety of the students inside the lab is also ensured with adequate and up-to-date safety equipment under the vigilant supervision of the teachers.


The school has a well-equipped Mathematics Activity Lab, wherein the thought process of a child is facilitated with the help of working models. It is equipped with essential charts, models, pictures and other teaching aids for classes I to X. In the lab the children learn to enjoy mathematics and learn to work together. It helps to kindle the curiosity and interest in the subject.


DPS Anand boasts of a fully equipped Computer Lab with latest configuration and with broadband internet connectivity. Students work individually on the personal computer provided one for each. The teachers offer guidance in his or her projects and research assignment so as to prepare them for this highly technocrat society.


Playing is an integral part of the wholesome development of a young mind as it instills not only motor skills but also develops their cognitive skills and their mannerisms to behave in a group and to live in harmony with each other, imbibing the most important quality of “sharing”. This room provides special space in inculcating the human values.


Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. We at DPS Anand, fully equipped and fully functioning health center with a qualified nurse, who takes care of the first aid needs of the children. The school has a pediatrician, who visits the school for students’ health check-ups. In cases of emergency the school has made a provision for an ambulance that immediately takes the child to the hospital.